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Don’t be so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life

Posted by on August 4, 2010

I keep telling myself that I need to blog more often. I mean to, I really do, but I make the excuse that life just gets in the way. I get too busy, gotta do this, gotta do that and then I run out of time and the next thing I know another month or two has passed and I haven’t blogged.

I mean, yeah, life does keep me busy but it’s all about priorities. It was spelled out to me in a song by Nickelback recently and it really hit home. What the song talks about is if today was your last day. If today was your last day – if you actually knew it was – would you do anything different?

Heck, yes!

I’m not talking about indulging yourself in crazy stuff like skydiving, lion taming, white river rafting, or ultimate cage fighting. That’s just plain NUTS! The idea is to enjoy your last moments not shorten life that much further!

What I’m talking about is appreciation, noticing things you never noticed before.

Has the sky always been that blue?

Has my cat’s fur always been that soft?

Has the sound of children giggling always made my insides feel all warm and happy?

I’ve let life take these simple pleasures away from me, I am trying too hard to be a grown up and have forgotten how to enjoy life as a child. Who says that age – and the bigger that number is – should mean the less fun you are allowed to have? I can’t remember the last time I’ve been tickled, or walked out in the rain and just stood there getting all wet on purpose.

Last week, while at my day job, the skies opened up and just poured. There was no strong wind, it wasn’t overly hot or cold, it was just heavy duty straight-from-the-sky-to-the-ground rain and I stood in my building – in my nice dry work clothes – longing to be out there twirling around in circles in the parking lot in the rain!

Another thing I’m coming to appreciate is other people – friends. While in college, I learned how communities of like people feed off eachother and grow from exposure to others. My art classes were a good example. We painted side-by-side for two or three hours at a time, supporting, encouraging, and getting involved in eachothers’ work.

It’s the same with writers. For the most part, creative people are incredibly supportive of other creative people. It’s a strange phenomena…at least to me. You’d think they’d be more competitive. I haven’t seen that. Does that make me naive? Possibly.

I’ve belonged – and still belong – to several different writers groups. I’ve left some, returned to some, missed some, and dropped in on others. The key for me was to find the people I click with and treasure them. Writing can be a solitary existence sometimes, but I’ve found that for me to get the most out of it I need to appreciate more – people, things, times, places… everything!

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