New Year, New me…?

Every year, at about this time, people around the world are giving up on their New Year’s resolutions. That’s why I don’t make them. I am not a fan of “goals” either, at least not the kind where you write them in a daily journal and then expect yourself to write down all the excuses for not sticking to those goals. Oh, and, I’m not a fan of excuses either…probably important to mention that, too.

What I AM a fan of is self improvement and accountability. Same thing, you say? No so. At least that’s what I tell myself. I always have to be different.

Here is what I expect from myself this year, and beyond this year:

1) ¬† I have finally taken the leap and transitioned from vegetarian to full-on vegan. It was actually quite easy and I find that I am more peaceful with that choice. I am a passionate animal lover and my conscience never could accept the consumption of…okay, I won’t preach. It is a choice I have made and don’t have to defend or explain myself.

2) ¬†This past week I started the process of cutting out sugar. This one was hard…REAL hard. I thought it would be easy. “I don’t eat a lot of sweets,” I said. “I prefer salty snacks so it shouldn’t be a problem,” I said. “I’ve never been a big junk food addict,” I said. What a deluded and clueless idiot I was. For one thing, salty snacks are converted to sugars (bad sugars) in your body so YES they are just as bad. For another thing, Mountain Dew may be somewhat “vegan” but it is definitely not sugar free.

And that’s what I expect from myself. Life with conscience and no more excuses. I do it not for weight loss (although that would be a great side effect), I do it so I have more energy to enjoy everything in life instead of merely sleeping, eating, and working.

There needs to be more fun in life!

But, the withdrawal is kicking my butt…


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