Social Media Housecleaning

I would be the first to admit that I have a serious problem remaining loyal to any one thing. My world is an ever-evolving and ever-changing environment that may confuse most people but keeps me happy (or what would be the closest thing to happy I could imagine).

I move furniture constantly, I’ve repainted my house inside and out so many times I’ve lost count, and I’ve tried every hobby or collecting obsession invented but stuck with very few. Some things remain constant, though, and among that short list would be my favorite color (green), my love for animals, and chips-and-dip (and Mountain Dew) being my favorite foods. Oh…and, of course, my love of writing. Mustn’t forget that!

And then comes social media…specifically Facebook. There are days when I firmly believe Facebook is the Devil, other days it’s the best thing ever invented. I am currently going through a “Devil” stage.

After years of pimping myself on various social media sites to sell…whatever it is that I am selling at any particular point in my life…I have eliminated all but Facebook. Why? Because it seems to be more social than all the others. But that’s a problem, too. It’s very easy for me to be lured into thinking I am doing business with each post, like, or friend but then I have to take a big step back and see what I have really been doing.

I have liked tons of sites that appeal to my dream of saving the world: vegan sites, animal abuse and sanctuary sites, environmental sites, just to name a few. Today is the day I had to “unlike” those sites. All I was getting out of them was pain and misery.

I support banning all forms of animal abuse but I don’t need to see constant pictures and articles from various sites reminding me how horrible the world is.

I have faith in the mystical but I don’t need to have several oddball (and probably bogus) mystics sending me a bunch of spiritual quips about what I should believe in.

I am on the skinny border line of becoming a full fledged vegan but I don’t need a plethora of vegan obsessed activists telling me what I already know about the lifestyle.

No. And. Duh!

I can now enjoy Facebook without being bombarded with redundant information (half of which is extreme and self serving for the radicals posting it) and focus on what I need to get out of it.

At least what I need to get out of it today. Tomorrow? Who knows. I can be fickle.

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