Let’s talk travel

Yesterday I attended my last planned book selling event for the year and I was disappointed in what I thought would be a clever way for me to transport my books to and from these events. It was a complete and utter failure. Not only did my expensive little wheeled cart not hold much, it didn’t move much either. One bump and it dumped everything I had on the sidewalk, adding to my public embarrassment at the amateurish attempt at appearing all put together and in control. I should have known better. Whenever I have the chance to look “put together” it ends up with me in an embarrassing situation. At least this time it was only a pile of books on the ground and not me with exposed body parts. Nuff said. So I am in the market for the best and most brilliant way to get my books (and me) to events in the easiest and most simplified way possible. I’ve tried wheeled suitcases. The tiny little wheels on those things only cause them to spin around on you when loaded down with books. They don’t hold many books, they tend to mangle the books, they don’t stand well in the car during travel, and they are heavy to load in and out of my SUV. I’ve tried storage boxes loaded onto two-wheelers. They don’t stay put and the first bump you hit the boxes slip off, no matter how well you have them strapped to the cart. Then there was the failed attempt of the slick little four-wheeled cart yesterday. We all know by now how that ended. What should I try next? I have 2 months to come up with something before I hit the road again in February. Any ideas? I wonder what everyone else has tried and if they have found anything that works…

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