Date with a Hoe

my hoe

It is only mid-late May and my yard is already overgrown with weeds. invasive plantings, and Creeping Charlie. I love nature but this is embarrassing! I vow that this year I will keep it under control…and get fit at the same time!

I have a plan, a new plan, and it involves a hoe.

I have decided to abandon any attempts – though they were only lame attempts – at adopting a fitness plan.

I set my alarm a half hour early so I could get up and work out. I ended up hitting my snooze for an extra half hour each morning and blaming the cat for my sleeping in.

I rushed home from work, intent on slipping in an evening workout before anything else. I always found time for a nap instead.

So now I have an ongoing date with a hoe, my hoe, my garden hoe.

I will start with a half hour each night after work, chopping away at the already out-of-control weeds in the wilderness that is my backyard. If that doesn’t sound like much, try hoeing for a half hour and see what I mean. It’s back breaking work! It’s good for the whole body and you make your gardens pretty at the same time!

Not glamorous work. When I garden, I get dirty. So I won’t be sharing any “selfies” for anyone else to see. And I sweat.

Yeah, that’s right, I am no girlie girl!





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