My deep, spiritual, creative process

I, like most creative souls, have obsessions. Some might call them obsessive compulsions…I choose to call them merely a step in my creative process.

I create things.

Well, duh, right? I talk about it all the time and I have several pages devoted to it here on my site. But I want to talk about my process, or at least one phase in my process.

Let’s start at the beginning. Where do I get my ideas?

Stuff. It’s as easy as that. I get ideas from studying stuff and collecting stuff. Lots of stuff.

Let’s take my bowls, for instance. I have been collecting wood salad bowls for years, finding them at thrift stores and garage sales real cheap….REAL cheap, and they have been piling up but I just kept buying more. I had an unplanned plan for them, they had potential, I KNEW I could do something with them, just didn’t know what yet. Then I figured it out when I started collecting ornate wood candle sticks. It hit me what I could make by deconstructing the two and reassembling them into the wood pedestal bowls (the header picture here on my site).

Then I started collecting wooden animal beads. They came strung on necklaces but I took them apart. These are only a very very small sampling of my menagerie.

animals 2 animals 3 animals 4animals 1












Then there was the children book phase. I have always loved the older Golden Books, Elf Books and any others with beautiful details in the illustrations. The covers and titles screamed, “make something out of me!” and the journal book idea formed. I also make them from a vast collection of old game boards (another thing I consider as art, I’d have gorgeous game boards hanging on every wall of my house if I had the room…which I don’t).

jrnlbooks1  jrnlbooks2











So what am I working on now? What strange and wonderful item am I obsessively collecting for future creations?

Check this out:    bracelets







Colorful plastic bracelets and wooden napkin rings.

Yes, this is how my process works. First, my brain tells me to hunt and gather tons of one type of item. Second, it tells me which items fit together. Then, the final step in the process is putting it all together.

I kid you not. It’s not a thinking process, it just happens naturally and in its own time.

Weird, huh? Just like me.

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