New Year’s Resolution – To Be Me

Here we are, the beginning of a new year and we all find the need to start anew. That made me think about something ridiculous and silly, something we call a New Year’s Resolution.

Mine is simple…but yet…the hardest thing I could ever dream of doing: I shall be me.

I shall be the best “me” I can be without compromise.

I shall not pretend to be anything other than me, I shall not apologize for being me, and I shall not feel the need to explain “me” to people who don’t get it.

Imagine the freedom! Imagine the ease with which I shall live each day! No more stressing out over what I am not, no more trying to keep up with the actions of others, and no more struggling to fashion myself after somebody else…who probably is already trying to be yet another person.

Me is the best person I can be and I will embrace being me!

Nobody else can be me as well as I can!

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