My other creative pursuits

When I’m not writing – which includes this whole summer, so far – I have been puttering around the homestead on various projects. That includes the job of painting my house (from top to bottom, by hand with a paintbrush, in no less than six different colors) and, a long-time passion of mine: upcycling and repurposing furniture and other items found on the free or cheap. Here’s my latest finished project. headboard1This is the “before” shot of the huge frame I snagged from the dumpster at a previous (short-lived) job at a local custom framing shop. I didn’t have a plan when I brought the frame home, I just knew it had potential. I cut the bottom piece off (to be used as a shelf above the headboard), added a piece of plywood, painted it several thick coats of white paint and…here is it in its finished, screwed to the wall, form.

finished headboard

It was tricky installing but I think it turned out great!



fin headbrd 4



And here it is with the matching shelf. The shelf is to be a place I will display various artwork, etc. with the rose theme I have going on. The one piece I have displayed is another, in my long list of projects that I am working on (obsessed with, actually)…paint-by-numbers.

So…don’t be surprised if, when spending any time with me in public, you find me eyeballing things around me. I’m probably formulating a plan in my head: What can I make outta that? Wouldn’t it look better as a…? Or, why would anybody throw away a perfectly good (fill-in-the-blank) when I can make it into a (fill-in-the-blank) and reinvent its life into something new?

I’ve always been interested in this hobby, but it’s only recently that I decided to indulge myself in it. Why not? I’m having a good time and saving beautiful stuff from being thrown away when it deserves a new life.

I’ll keep posting some of my projects here when I get them done.

What’s next?

At the top of the (ginormous) list is to make my never-used dining room table into a new computer desk for my office. But first, I need to get that stairstep thingy done so kitty-cat can get up on the bed a lot easier in her old age…oh wait, there’s that potting table I’m making from an old Roper stove… Too many projects, too little time.

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