LRW Maiden Voyage

Yesterday was the “maiden voyage” for my new – and fabulous! – Little Red Wagon (LRW).

I struggled for months…nay, years!…trying to find the perfect mode of transportation to haul my books in and out of events. Two wheeler = failure. Flat bed cart = failure. Suitcases with wheels = failure.

Sensing a theme here?

Then I ran across the little red wagon. It’s nothing new to the world, I grew up with one just like everyone else (if you were lucky) but I was seeing it for the first time as an adult.

I bought my Radio Flyer Classic Wagon!

It’s a toy, right? Why would this ditsy broad be so excited about getting a toy? Nay, this thing is NOT just a toy! This baby is a heavy duty, fine crafted in the USA machine! It’s solid, it’s fully functional, it’s easy to get in and out of my car, and it’s beautiful!

And it – she? he? – ┬áventured outside my house yesterday when I put it to work for the first time.

LRW maiden voyage

I loaded it up and it suits the job perfectly!

It got the tough test of staying upright, fully loaded, on an Iowa Winter day with 35+ MPH winds gusting outside. It performed like a real champ!

I can’t wait for my next event where I get to take her out again, but there is one minor drawback to owning such a dream machine…I don’t want to get her dirty or scratch her paint.

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